Pascal Schneider

Pascal Schneider
From Fulda, Germany. He lives in Uppsala, Sweden since 2018 and speaky German, Swedish and English fluently.

Pascal Schnei¬≠der studied Sociology and Political Sciences in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and Sustainable Development in Uppsala, Sweden.

He worked as a journalist at the local radio station Hitradio FFH in Fulda (2014), the national and public service tv-news office ARD-aktuell/Hessischer Rundfunk in Frankfurt am Main (2015-18), the university radio “DauerWelle”, and for ARD/German TV in Stockholm, Sweden (2019-20).

Together with the tuba teacher Raimund Lippok, he produces, a german-speaking online music school with weekly videos, online courses and digital/printed booklets. See for more information.